Bandi Professional

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Line of professional cosmetics specially designed for use by aestheticians and physicians on consumers for services performed at beauty centers/spas.

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The products are divided into 6 Stages collections:
Stage 1 Cleanser – products for make-up removal, cleansing, and toning.
Stage 2 Exfoliator – products for enzymatic exfoliation as well as for chemical peeling
Stage 3 Boost – multi-functional, intense, special treatments
Stage 4 Massage – products for the massage
Stage 5 Mask
Stage 6 Cream – products both for face and eyes

Basing on so far clients’ feedback, the products were grouped into these Stages to offer a possibility to adjust the full treatment to the individual needs of every client. It gives endless combinations of specific products from each Stage, giving the professional bigger flexibility and the most suited treatment for the customer.

Learn more about the BANDI Professional products at:
Bandi Professional website