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Bandi Laboratories is a new office of Bandi Cosmetics having its own laboratory, manufacturing and warehouse which makes it independent in terms of cosmetics production and enables constant monitoring of the quality of production process.

Joanna Draniak-Kicińska, the President of Bandi Cosmetics in company’s laboratory

Bandi Cosmetics is a family run company with over 30 years of experience in manufacturing of outstanding cosmetic products. We are renowned for development of excellent face care and professional treatments. Thanks to our own R&D department and production facility we are able to provide flexible cooperation and achieve most demanding goals. We offer face care products for all types of skin concerns, as well as special products for scalp (trichological cosmetics). We also work as a contract manufacturer and private label provider. We offer full service assistance for your cosmetic project in one-stop shop.

We are a perfect choice of turnkey solution provider for your cosmetic project!

We own a manufacturing facility of 21527.82 ft2 in Czosnów, located around 20 km northwest from the capital city of Poland, Warsaw, close to the airports and with highway access. The facility meets expectations of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) EN ISO 22716 and EN ISO 140001 regulations. It also operates in accordance with Regulation (EC) No 1223/2009 of the European Parliament. The manufacturing process is under strictly controlled contaminant-free laboratory conditions. Maximum efficacy of formulations is maintained by prevention of exposure of the ingredients to light, heat, air. Manufacturing is done in clean room production area to maintain contaminant-free conditions.

Bandi Cosmetics has in-house R&D department, where experienced staff of specialists work independently to create the formulas, keeping a rigorous watch over product quality and safety. They carefully select the best ingredients from industry leaders suppliers and prepare safe compositions. All of them are developed in accordance with the best practices and relevant recommendations and regulations including those of the European Union authorities such as the Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety (SCCS) and the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA). Except for European Union standards, the formulas as well as labelling are also in compliance with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The company had already a choice of over 300 formulas ready for private label projects including sunscreen and OTC products. All cosmetics are subject to application, dermatological and microbiological testing. The products are not tested on animals.








BANDI Laboratories is a member of the PROFESSIONAL BEAUTY ASSOCIATION.

We are able to offer full packaging development from an idea to the final printout, we also have a selection of packaging solutions for choice. Our talented Marketing team will help you choose the best design matching your goals and target clients, recommend the inner and outer packaging materials, prepare projects with graphic designers and provide you with the final outcome as well as supervise all the process of packaging production.

We are flexible in terms of quantities and can offer small batches starting from 6 kg for smaller projects as well as up to 600 kg and the capability for production of around 1 M units per year, on top of current workload. On behalf of the client we can also submit required information about the products to be placed or made available on the European market through the Cosmetic Products Notification Portal (CPNP), a mandatory procedure in the EU.


For the client’s maximum convenience, we offer Delivered Duty Paid (DDP) delivery within the European Union or the USA.

This is how we can help you in turning your business idea into reality! For more information, please contact us via email: